2016 AGM

Dear members

Drinks and nibbles at MBC 6:30pm 11 May

As you might have seen in past newsletters, the club’s Annual General Meeting is to be held next month on Wednesday 11 May.

Please see the following documents by clicking on the links:

  1. Notice of Annual General Meeting;

  2. Committee Position Nomination Form;

  3. Position Descriptions of the positions on the committee that need to be filled.

Come along for complimentary drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm for a 7pm meeting start.

Your club needs you!

This past season was a very challenging and at times difficult year at the club for our members having to adapt to a vastly different approach to playing and competing each week and through that progressing to representative baseball.  The new ‘charter system’ was always going to bring with it many challenges. 

Despite the frustrations and difficulties that the new system brought, I think our members and the club did very well in the circumstances meeting these challenges.

A focus for the new committee will be to see, to the extent within its control, that improvements can be made and lessons learned from the club’s first year in the new charter system, as ultimately we want to derive maximum enjoyment out of the season for all members.

Positions Vacant

As you will see in the attached documentation, there are 13 positions that the club requires filled in order to function properly.

Traditionally the club has been reliant on a few loyal volunteers to do most of the heavy lift and they have been the same few for some time.  Where we need to get to this coming year is to have more members stand up to share the responsibilities that running a baseball club requires.

Don’t want to nominate for an official position but want to help?

Some if not all of the positions need to be supported by a sub-committee of at least one or two members who would like to help out.  This means that the person that has the committee position whilst responsible for that position may not be responsible for each task each time, as the roles and tasks are effectively shared. So if you think you would like to play a support role to one or more of the positions- please come along to the AGM or let us know. 

There is a lot to do, there always is.  But as the old saying goes, many hands make light work. 

What we know from experience is that: ‘a few hands try, do what they can and eventually wear out’.  That’s what happens, has happened, and is a real impediment to progressing as a club.

An opportunity for improvement

My own view is that as a member of a volunteer organisation you kind of forfeit your right to complain about things if you are not prepared to stand up and make a contribution towards making things better.

We have one of the best if not the best baseball facilities on the Coast, thanks to volunteer effort.  We also have a number of respected, qualified, experienced coaches in addition to a number of rookie coaches, assistants, scorers and umpires who all volunteer their time to help make it all happen.   Most importantly we have a club full of young and senior people who love and want to play baseball who are supported by their families and their coaches and fellow members.  Collectively the people in the club are the club’s greatest asset.

As a club we also have much room for improvement. 

As mentioned, we know we need to focus on getting the baseball part right first and foremost for our young people.  This requires not only working together as and within our club but also working together with our other charter clubs, the GCBA and BQ to continue to strive to get it right.   

We also know that we need to improve communication to members. 

We would also like see the social side of the club improve, with more opportunities to get together, not necessarily to raise money but just to get to know each other better.

There are also many opportunities to improve our facilities that can be pursued. 

There is a further opportunity for a new leader to step up and take the club forward as current President Greg Dennis will be stepping down at the AGM.

The AGM is your opportunity to get involved and help make a difference to the wellbeing of the club.

So please give consideration to nominating for a position on the committee and help ensure that your club continues to prosper for your family.

Yours faithfully

Hamish Kiddle


Mudgeeraba Baseball Club


Congratulations Brody Seignior

As further recognition of the emerging baseball talent in this country, twenty-six promising young ball players are one step closer to chasing their big league dream, having been invited by MLB to attend Spring Training in the US this March. 

Mudgeeraba Redsox would like to congratulate Brody Seignior on being selected in this squad of 26 who were selected following wide consultation across the baseball fraternity. Players also needed to meet specific criteria set out for participants by MLB as part of this initiative. The Training Camp and exhibition matches are funded by MLB, and will provide our young elite baseballer Brody with a great opportunity for exposure.

MBC Junior Handbook 2015-2016 PDF

Please find the MBC Junior Handbook 2015-2016 here.

This guide provides lots of information that may help answer any questions you might have.


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Japanese Uni Baseball Team training session

What a fantastic afternoon for our Mudgeeraba Redsox players, having an opportunity to train with such a talented team from CHUO University in Japan.

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Winter 2016:

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