O'Gorman League (Minors and Rookieball)

Name Sake

Connar OGorman - Current Australian Baseball League Player, Former Robina Braves and Surfers Paradise Junior Member

Age Group 1 May 2005 - 30 April 2008
Game Day Saturday 
Game Time 10:30am - 12:15am  (Any game that begins late must finish on time)
Venues Mudgeeraba, Surfers Paradise, Runaway Bay, Tallebudgerra, Coomera, Nerang, Robina
Field Size 60ft Bases, 46ft Pitching Distance, 130" LF & RF Corner Minimum, 150" CF Minimum (Cones to be used)
Regulation Game 6 Innings or 1 Hour 30 Minutes whichever is arrived at first
Ball Type Standard 9' RBI Baseball
Bat Type Any bat with a maximum barrel diameter of 2 1/4 Inches.
Pitch Delivery All Games within the OGorman League will be pitched by the Louisville Slugger UPM Pitching Machine
Level of Play This is a designated developmental league for players. The mechanical pitch delivery ensures the opportunity on every pitch for a strike.
Goals of League The GCBA aims for the players within the league to enjoy an even level of baseball across the league. The emphasis is on development of all players.
No-Forfiet League All teams within the OGorman  League agree to undertake whatever lengths necessary to ensure every scheduled game is played.
Mandatory Play 1 at bat plus 6  defensive outs
Substitutions Defensive: Must be made as team takes the field, or while team is in the field.
Offensive: Must be made as player comes to bat, or while player is on base.
Scorers must only be made aware of the following changes:
When a Pitcher is Replaced, When a Catcher is replaced, When a Hitter is replaced.
Defensive changes ouside of the battery, and pinch runners do not need to be recorded.
6-Run Rule The 6 Runs across the plate rule will be enforced for every inning, runners crossing the plate after the 6th run only count in the event of an over the fence home run.
10-Run Rule After 4 innings, 3 ½ if home team is ahead.

Team Lists

White Lightning

Ryan Darcy
Saxon Miller
Taliyah Paolo
Claudia Goddard
Tyler Goddard
Adam Hayden-Clark
Bryce Uren
Chaz Hardisty
Luke Kochner
Kaycee Young
Stuart Darcy and Tamara Paolo

Red Rockets

Jack Hauwai
Bohdi Mansfield
Dash Fagan
Doni Kantros
Cooper Smith
James Balford
Noah Hendrickson
Lily Goodman
Tom Muligan
Alexander Benson
James Kirk
Pat Hauwai & Mac and Lyn McMillan